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Mikvah Sisters

Dear Beautiful  Sister,

It's been a crazy long time since we last met and connected in the magical city of Tsfat. 

October 7th has changed us in profound ways beyond what we could have ever imagined.

 In the heart of this terrifying war, our army wives courageously care for their families alone, and navigate the uncertainties, while their husbands fearlessly defend Israel.

At the same time these women continue the Jewish practice of Mikvah, not knowing  when or if their husbands will return home.  

To support our sisters , we invite you to join us in  gifting Self-Care Mikvah bags to these dedicated army wives. 

What began as a heartfelt idea, inspired by a friend's resilient spirit in the face of uncertainty, has blossomed into a global embrace. We've received overwhelming support from sisters around the world, and here at home, tears of gratitude flow as army wives feel our love.

Please join us in supporting our brave sisters and bring solace and strength to a broken world.

 Each $25 bag holds pampering spa lotions, chocolates, and a note from a sister across the world

With deep gratitude, love and prayers from Tsfat, May G-d bring our soldiers and hostages safely home. TODAY!

Elisheva from TsfatMikvah 
Ahuva Davis - Yishuv Neriah (Central Israel)

Mikvah Sisters

How else can I make a difference?

During this challenging times, staying connected to Judaism and our roots can really keep us connected, bonded, and stronger together.

There are three amazing Mitzvot that are specially geared for women. 

Candle lighting on Friday Evening

Making Challah for Shabbat

Going to the Mikvah 

Can you take one on in honor of these amazing army wives?  

Click to learn more about each Mitzvah here:

Click here to choose a Mitzvah to take on, and send a letter to an amazing army wife!

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